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  1. Notes: 1 / 2 years ago 

    Do you understand the difference between “fitness” and “bodybuilding”?

    Check out this article for a little insight as to what these terms mean and where a majority of the training advice you will hear in gyms actually comes from

  2. Notes: 3 / 2 years ago 

    The Male Fitblr Directory reborn!

    I always see posts getting circulated and reblogged asking for new followers who are all about healthy weight loss blogs and real fitness blogs so I thought I would share this link that some of you may not have realised was out there.

    A while ago now “The Spartan Warrior” put together a list of male fitblrs and links to their blogs… now these are all guys worth following if you are after some motivation to train or just want to follow people who are doing fitness the right way

    Go check it out for yourself and see what all the hype is about!

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    How many sets does it take you to do 100 push-ups?

    It takes me 5!

  4. 2 years ago 

    A video and a very interesting read!

    If you’re looking for ways to take your pull-ups to the next level then keep reading…

    If you’re looking for a neat progression on how to do your first full pull-up then keep reading…

    Go check out the link below for a very unique method of taking a standard pull-up and making it very tough but also put all of the strain through the lats with no real way to cheat the reps!

    And at the bottom of the page, it also shows a video of a neat set of pull-up variations that you can use in order to progress yourself on to being able to do full pull-ups or just change up your routine to keep things fresh.

    Go check it out here:

    Train Hard, Train Smart

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    What a great Summer for sport this is going to be!

    Euro 2012,


    and more importantly… London olympics 2012!

    Are you going to use this time to inspire you to do something different?

    Get out there and make a start on chipping away at your fitness goals!

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    My current gym program in my strength/power cycle

    5x5 Barbell Bench Press

    5x5 Barbell Deadlift or Squat (Alternate between workouts)

    5x5 Barbell Bent Over Row

    5x5 Barbell Jerk

    Each exercise uses the same piece of equipment because I am a firm believer that a barbell is on of the best things to help build strength and power.

    I pyramid the sets in each exercise allowing me to increase the weight I lift more frequently so I can really dial in the strength gains e.g. on Bench Press at the moment I do the following sets: 75kg x5; 77.5kg x5; 80kg x5; 77.5kg x5; 75kg x5 and once I complete 5 reps on each of these weights, I move up so I start on 77.5kg and work up to 82.5kg

    My next cycle after 6 weeks of this program will be an 8-10 week program geared towards hypertrophy (muscle growth)

  7. 2 years ago 

    Workouts on the move - Keep fit while you’re travelling.

    So here it is - my first ever fitness video. It’s very basic and very simple but it’s a start.

    Let me know what you think!

  8. Notes: 2 / 2 years ago 

    My first ever fitness video is complete!

    Stop by tomorrow afternoon/evening and I will have it posted on here!

  9. Notes: 2 / 2 years ago 

    Do you squat with a pad on the bar to protect your shoulders?

    I was approached in the gym last week by a guy telling me he was impressed that I was doing what he called “Spartan squats”.

    What is a Spartan squat? He was actually referring to the fact that I was squatting without using a pad on the bar like he normally does.

    When I asked him why he uses the padding, he said it’s because the bar hurts the bones at the top of his back.

    Does this sound familiar to you?

    Well here’s what you need to do in order to lose the pad:

    1) Notice that if the bar hurts you then it is in the wrong position on your back. In all likeliness you are setting the bar too high up on your shoulders.

    2) Now you know where you normally hold the bar you should pinch together your shoulder blades nice and tightly - This will form a natural ridge in the muscles in your upper back. It is here that the bar should be.

    3) Adjust the bar so that it settles against your muscles and not against your bones. This may be quite a lot lower down your shoulders and traps than you perhaps previously thought.

    4) Keep your shoulders blades pinched together and your head cocked slightly upwards to really lock that bar in position on your back whilst you do the squats.

    5) You should find that the pain you previously felt whilst squatting with no pad is no longer there!

    So why should you squat without a pad when you are getting on just fine with one on?

    1) It does affect your technique and posture whilst doing the movement. Depending on how thick the pad is, you will find it is actually much less secure on your back and you will be using your arms a lot more than you should in order to keep the bar in place, thus using vital energy you could be using to lift more weight.

    2) It eventually will limit the amount you can lift! This is because the padding softens the weight and your central nervous system doesn’t sense the full load that you have put onto it, meaning that you are not going to be fully lifting to your potential. This is the same reason why I believe in not wearing gloves when training.

    3) Apparently it makes others see you as a Spartan! And that can only be a good thing.

    There we go… always educate yourself in the gym and always ask yourself why you are doing something differently to someone else.

    Train Hard but Train Smart!


  10. Notes: 4 / 2 years ago 

    Think push-ups are easy? Think again…

    My good friend Pete just drew my attention to this variation of a push-up that increases it’s difficulty by a butt-load!

    Now you may have done push-ups with your hands on medicine balls as a challenge to yourself but have you ever tried it with your feet on medicine balls as well?

    Check out the link below to see a video of exactly what I mean:

    This is an exercise that will challenge your core as well as breathe new life into the most basic of exercises, which is the push-up.

    If you are a twittererer then I recommend you go follow Pete @JumpmanRugs11 as he is one of the hardest working people I know when it comes to working towards fitness and sporting goals and is a massive inspiration.

    I hope everyone has had a great Christmas!

    Train Hard, Train Smart

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