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    Do you understand the difference between “fitness” and “bodybuilding”?

    Check out this article for a little insight as to what these terms mean and where a majority of the training advice you will hear in gyms actually comes from

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    My current gym program in my strength/power cycle

    5x5 Barbell Bench Press

    5x5 Barbell Deadlift or Squat (Alternate between workouts)

    5x5 Barbell Bent Over Row

    5x5 Barbell Jerk

    Each exercise uses the same piece of equipment because I am a firm believer that a barbell is on of the best things to help build strength and power.

    I pyramid the sets in each exercise allowing me to increase the weight I lift more frequently so I can really dial in the strength gains e.g. on Bench Press at the moment I do the following sets: 75kg x5; 77.5kg x5; 80kg x5; 77.5kg x5; 75kg x5 and once I complete 5 reps on each of these weights, I move up so I start on 77.5kg and work up to 82.5kg

    My next cycle after 6 weeks of this program will be an 8-10 week program geared towards hypertrophy (muscle growth)

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    My first ever fitness video is complete!

    Stop by tomorrow afternoon/evening and I will have it posted on here!

  4. 2 years ago 

    For all my UK followers

    Hey Guys

    Just wanted to bring something to your attention. You may or may not have seen a programme on channel 4 recently called “Fat Fighters”. 

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it and have found it really motivational and I believe that there is something there for everyone so click on the link below and have a look for yourself!

    (I believe you can only watch this if you’re in the UK due to licencing laws)

    Keep up the good work!


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    Ever wanted a short workout that will make you feel energised rather than tired and can even make you smarter for that big exam coming up?

    Check out this video showing a workout designed to kick your nervous system in to gear preparing you for a main workout later in the day.

    Oh… and all you need is a medicine ball and a bench!

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    ALWAYS DO FULL SQUATS… It’s better on your knees than you may think!

    ALWAYS DO FULL SQUATS… It’s better on your knees than you may think!

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    Think push-ups are easy? Think again…

    My good friend Pete just drew my attention to this variation of a push-up that increases it’s difficulty by a butt-load!

    Now you may have done push-ups with your hands on medicine balls as a challenge to yourself but have you ever tried it with your feet on medicine balls as well?

    Check out the link below to see a video of exactly what I mean:

    This is an exercise that will challenge your core as well as breathe new life into the most basic of exercises, which is the push-up.

    If you are a twittererer then I recommend you go follow Pete @JumpmanRugs11 as he is one of the hardest working people I know when it comes to working towards fitness and sporting goals and is a massive inspiration.

    I hope everyone has had a great Christmas!

    Train Hard, Train Smart

  8. Notes: 143 / 2 years ago  from running4hissanity-deactivated20 (originally from eatsleepsweat)
    Very true! But NO EXCUSES

    Very true! But NO EXCUSES

    (Source: eatsleepsweat)

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    Hey Guys,

    Yesterday saw this blog reach 200 followers and I would just like to say to each and every one of you “thank you”. 

    It’s really nice to know that the stuff I am posting is not being ignored and not seen and that a lot of you actually find it helpful or useful and reblog it on for others to see.

    When I started writing this blog I wanted to use it as a tool to motivate myself and to inspire others to do the same and it has definitely seemed to have come across that way.

    So thank you once again to everyone who has ever read one of my blog posts and thanks again to those who actively follow this blog and contribute by asking questions, liking, or reblogging posts.

    Train Hard, Train Smart


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    Ever wanted to know what it takes to get that “Adonis” look?

    A lot of people come to me wanting fitness advice and a general trend seems to occur.

    It seems as though most men and women believe that getting the body of their dreams doesn’t require the amount of dedication and “sacrifice” as it actually does.

    This post is not aimed as a rant but is aimed more towards being informative and realistic. 

    If it was the case that you could go to the gym 3 times per week, lift a bit, run a bit, and keep your eating habits the same because, “how much difference can that really make?”, then surely everyone would be walking round looking like the men and women of Ancient Sparta.

    I found an example workout program of professional fitness model Rob Riches (Note he is a fitness model, not a bodybuilder) and he trains twice a day, 6 days per week when he is getting ready for competitions to look the best he can look. 

    (see the training program here:

    Now that is just the workouts!

    The diet required for that true Adonis look is a tough one and requires disposing of a lot of foods you and me would take for granted and introducing foods you may not be too keen on… and this isn’t something you do for a couple of weeks at a time then go back to old habits… if you want to have that ripped, shredded, and muscular look all year round, you have to train and eat like it.

    Those are just some components needed for that Herculean physique… there are more!

    Now let me get this straight, this post is not a rant as I mentioned earlier. It is not intended to discourage you from training and working out. This post is meant for you to realistically compare the way you approach fitness and training with that of the professionals and to stop you being disappointed if you don’t end up looking like them.

    You should focus on the results you are getting… training 3 times per week will get you some great results if you’re training smart and whilst you may feel as though everyone else is more muscular than you, or is carrying less fat than you, so what?

    You should only be comparing yourself with one person… YOU!

    Take a picture of yourself and step on the scales as a bare minimum before starting a new training program and then a few weeks later when you have finished the program, do the same again and COMPARE YOURSELF from before and after to see how you have changed and how you have started to get the results you want.

    I hope that comes across the way it is intended

    Train Hard, Train Smart


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