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    COOKING WITH CARBS - Going food shopping with Pro Fitness Model Rob Riches and then meeting him in the kitchen to cook some healthy low carb foods ideal for your morning meal, post workout meal, and evening meal aiming to minimise body fat and encourage lean muscle growth.

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    7 Simple Nutritional Steps for Building Muscle

    This list is very basic and simple yet so many people still get it wrong and/or have misconceptions on how to achieve bigger muscular mass.

    Follow this link and have a read for yourself:

    Train Hard, Train Smart


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    Even Steven - Thanks a Bundle :)

    I have just noticed that the number of followers I have on here has just ticked over to 120, equalling the number of posts I have left on this blog. 

    So I read way to far into this and took it as a sign to say a great big thank you to all of you following me on here and for all the likes, reblogs, and questions I have been getting as a result.

    After just over 2 months of posting to this blog I feel that I have enjoyed a humble success with it and intend to keep it up and provide you with more advice, motivation, and progress updates.

    Welcome to all of you who have just started following me in the last couple of weeks, and and “Hello” to the rest of you. Don’t be a stranger and please comment or leave questions for me and I will reply to them all with no pre-judgement and with as best a quality answer as I can.

    So here is to the first 120, and to 120 more!

    (i have just realised that this post means i now have 120 followers and 121 posts…bugger lol)

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    Why You Should Be Eating Berries.


    Berries - including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and even the “exotic” Goji berry,and acai berry are a powerhouses of nutrition… packed with vitamins and minerals, and also some of the best sources of antioxidants of any food in existence. Berries also contain a healthy dose of fiber, which slows your carbohydrate absorption and digestion, and controls blood sugar levels to help prevent insulin spikes, making berries a great superfood for fat loss and a lean body!

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    The Spartan Warrior: The Male Fitblr Directory

    It was not long ago that men were born to be warriors and had no other obligations than to uphold the warrior code and to pass it on to their offspring. It was only during the passing years that man forgot this way of life and replaced it with a complacency seemingly suited for a new world of convenience. The time that has passed since we have forgotten our warrior days has been a mere fraction of the entire existence of humans, meaning that this warrior instinct is still entirely intact and awaiting to be awoken in the lives of all men.

    The Men/Warriors:

    1. thespartanwarrior
    2. beast-at-165
    3. noquit
    4. mr365hunts190
    5. mangosteel
    6. wbaw - Nick
    7. iworkoutsometimes - Jeddybearr
    8. keithdoeslife - Keith
    9. 6n6challenge - Abel
    10. christwalk - Ben
    11. phildoeslife - Phil
    12. olyy
    13. jlsmit - Justin
    14. gperrella - Garrett
    15. mtnman92 - Maroun
    16. droppingthelbs - Josh
    17. predestinedfitness - Anthony
    18. vegaslacesup - Vegas
    19. thatoneyearoff
    20. tightenthebelt - Pete
    21. theactiveartist - Alex
    22. runrunningrunner
    23. closetmeathead
    24. whatever-it-takes - Christopher
    25. robbsrunning - Robb
    26. warriorofmanynames
    27. 45pounds - Rob
    28. steveddoeslife - Steve
    29. gingerphilly—aweightlosswarrior
    30. runningaddiction - Alex
    31. bearfect
    32. nineminutes - Joram
    33. hoff-man
    34. livinglife101 - Mike
    35. dadoorunrun - Pat
    36. theherointraining
    37. rick-does-his-thang - Rick
    38. strengthforthefight - Bryce
    39. theboynamedblue - Brent
    40. roadto224 - Cary
    41. daveearleeliteperformance - Dave
    42. hammerandforge - Jonathon
    43. eatsleeptrain
    44. easyrunner
    45. fitness-itsalifestyle - Richard
    46. jumboloving
    47. dietmortik0
    48. vonrails
    49. brooksylite - JB
    50. robdoeslife - Rob
    51. fitbuffalo
    52. atxam - Michael
    53. mrintense
    54. icashjk
    55. bestshapeever - Stan
    56. jbfitness - James

    If you would like to be added, removed or to have an edit made to your listing in the directory please contact me.

    Link to the directory:

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    Fitness Film Series - #2 - “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”

    This is a film/documentary made 3 years ago (2008), which follows powerlifter Christopher Bell on his journey as he strives to find out the real truth behind the use of steroids, other performance enhancing drugs, and supplements in sport.

    He interviews a variety of people from his own brothers, ex Olympic athletes, and talks about famous sports stars who have been involved in steroid scandals (Barry Bonds etc)

    This informative film gives opinions and facts from both sides of the fence on this topic and is definitely worth a watch if you are interested, sceptical, or even a user of these substances.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Part 6:

    Part 7:

    Part 8:

    Part 9:

    Part 10:

    I hope you enjoy watching this film as much as i did. It certainly made me change a couple of opinions on steroids that’s for sure. If you don’t watch this film then all i will say is this… Don’t believe everything you read in the media when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. 

    Look out for the next film i post in a couple of days if you are a Powerlifter, Olympic lifter, Strongman, or just a fan of maximum strength as i will be posting links to a film called “Power Unlimited”. 

    Power Unlimited is an iron bug film following the training, home lives, and competitions of various powerlifters and really is a must see film for anyone interested in this area of weight lifting.

    Look out for that coming in the next couple of days and until then…

    Train Hard, Train Smart

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    Learn and get better

    Learn and get better

    (Source: hazel-august)

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    Live Large with Vince Delmonte - Episode 6

    Topics Covered:

    1. Lattisimus Dorsi Development

    2. Opinions on Nutrition

    3. Nutrition for Maximum Gain

    4. Taking Action in Your Own Life

    Click here to see the full video:


  9. 3 years ago 

    Pro Fitness Model and Bodybuilder Rob Riches

    A quick one today.

    I have found this guy’s Youtube channel invaluable to me recently regarding getting fitness tips and workout ideas.

    He also covers plenty of nutrition stuff and has a plethora of exercises for abs training.

    He is not trying to sell you anything, you just get good solid videos each time he posts.

    Go check him out and you will not be disappointed.


  10. 3 years ago 

    Live Large with Vince Delmonte - Episode 5

    Topics Covered:

    1. Bench Press Tips

    2. Motivation to Train

    3. Pre- Workout Nutrition and Recipe

    4. Make the most of your Time

    Click here to View:

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