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    Very true! But NO EXCUSES

    Very true! But NO EXCUSES

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    Or do you just want a change in your gym program?

    I have semi-launched my BRAND NEW gym programs website!

    A lot of it is under construction still however you can go and purchase my basic gym program for only £5 (around $8) which will help you lose fat (if you’re a lady) and gain muscle and strength (if you’re a guy)

    Go check that out here:

    I also have a copy of the famous 300 workout which is available for FREE on my site here:

    Once the site is finished and properly gets up and running then it will be your go to place for new personalised training programs at VERY LOW PRICES!

    In the meantime why not reblog/like this post to share it with your friends and help me get this project off the ground.

    Also, don’t forget to like me on Facebook!

    Train Hard, Train Smart

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    Fitness Film Series - If you are into keeping fit then there is something for you here!

    Hey guys

    Seeing as I have a lot of new followers now I thought I would post a link to one of my older posts that was also one of my most popular posts.

    The post gives links to a series of fitness related films and documentaries that are worth watching if you are interested in weightlifting and/or just want some motivation

    Not all of the films will be suited to everyone’s tastes but there will be at least one of them you will find something useful from

    Go check it out and enjoy!

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    You know a gym is bad when…

    1. All the dumbbells, plates, and collars are left strewn EVERYWHERE

    2. You are in a busy gym and NOBODY is training legs and EVERYBODY is doing either, curls, bench, or shoulder press

    I just experienced both of these things going to scope out a gym I have had my eye on for some time now near my old uni in Walsall, England.

    Now that I work at the uni and have an income I thought I would upgrade to what looked like a real gym but when I went in it was just full of posers and there was no real sweat going on.

    I didn’t let that stop me though… I went in, got my session done and even set a PB on my Sumo Deadlifts!

    However, I will not be going back for the reasons I mentioned at the start. I shall be renewing my membership at the uni gym and even though the equipment is not as hardcore, it has olympic bars and a squat rack so I am sorted.

    Never be afraid to try out new gyms when you think you might have “grown out” of your current one, but also don’t feel pressured into returning if you can see it is the sort of place that is going to have a negative effect on your gains.

    Train Hard, Train Smart 

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    A very useful blog post - 7 Simple Muscle Building Tips

    Just read this on Diesel Crew’s website and thought I would share!


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    Add a breath of fresh air to your workout routine

    Have you been training for at least a couple of years now and finding it hard to find any new exercises to introduce to your training to keep it interesting and to keep your body guessing?

    Well here is a website that provides you with a bunch of unique and often unheard of exercises that are guaranteed to give you a new challenge and keep you motivated to train and improve your physique.

    Go check out and have a look around and see what you find. 

    It is a website I have found very useful over the years and I promise that there will be something there of interest for you too!


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    Training Tip - 2 very easy ways to help reduce/prevent muscular soreness after a workout

    Ever had your muscles feeling sore from your previous workout even after having a rest day? Does this sometimes make you think that you shouldn’t go and train until this soreness goes away?

    Well by following these tips, you should find that the effects of the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) are greatly reduced and you will be able to carry out your workout routine without being hindered.

    This tip is for lifters of all abilities.

    1) Stretching

    Stretching immediately after training is one of the best ways to help reduce the onset of muscle soreness after a workout. However, just holding a stretch for 10 seconds will only help a small amount. In order to significantly reduce your muscular soreness, perform each stretch following these three steps:

    a) Hold the stretch as you normally would do - 10 seconds

    b) Whilst maintaining this stretch, try and contract the muscle you are stretching - 10 seconds 

    c) Relax the muscle you have just contracted and stretch slightly further than you were doing in step “a)”

    2) Cold Shower

    Whilst this may not be pleasant to experience, taking a cold shower after working out helps to flush out the lactic acid and other waste products that have built up in your muscles throughout the workout as it is these that heavily contribute to the delayed onset of muscle soreness.

    Give these two tips a try after your next workout and see how well it works for you! 

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    My new training program - Training for strength and power

    Hey guys,

    I started a new program yesterday and the aim of it is to increase my 1 rep maxes on the big 3 lifts (bench, squat, dead) and to go on a bit of a bulking cycle at the same time.

    I intend to get stronger than I have ever done before whilst also putting on muscle weight so that I look the part too :D

    Ok so here is what it looks like:

    MONDAY (excluding warm-up sets)

    BB Squat - 3x2 - weight increase by 2.5kg per set (all squats are “ass-to-grass”)

    BW Squat - I superset the last set of BB squats with a set of bodyweight squats to really fatigue the legs. I do up to 50 repetitions without resting.

    Now the heavy work is done, I can work on growing and shaping certain muscles that I would like to see an improvement in so the rest of the workout is as follows:

    BB Curls - 3x8

    DB Hammer Curls - a single superset with the last set of BB Curls, again to really gorge the muscle with blood

    Leg extensions - 3x8 - all about exhausting the muscle and putting it into a state whereby it will absorb all the nutrients it needs as soon as I have my post-workout meal

    Parallel grip chin ups - 3x failure - the grip puts more tension on the bicep here - this acts as a finisher for them

    And now for an ab circuit… complete each exercise in succession before resting - repeat 3 times.

    Crunches x15

    Supine straight leg hold 6 inches off floor (15 secs)

    Russian Twists with 5kg weight x15

    Supine scissor kicks x16 (8 per leg)

    Wednesday (excluding warm-ups)

    BB Bench Press 3x2

    Push-ups (superset with final bench press set - up to 50 reps)

    DB Front/Lateral Raise - 3x8

    DB Tricep Kickbacks - 3x8

    DB Flye - 3x8

    BW Tricep Dips - 3x failure

    Ab Circuit

    Friday (excluding warm-up sets)

    BB Deadlift - 3x2

    BW Hyperextensions - (superset with final deadlift set - up to 50 reps)

    Lat Pull down - 3x8

    Seated Calf Raise - 3x8

    DB Row - 3x8

    Chin-ups - 3x failure

    Ab Circuit

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    I am back in business!

    Hey guys,

    After getting over the excitement of the summer holidays and starting the long slog to finding a job, I realised that I have heavily neglected this blog.

    And for that I apologise!

    However it is great to see that I have still gained followers during my inactive period so welcome to all of you new guys, I hope you find something useful with what I post!

    I will now be back to posting on here regularly (at least weekly) and will be back to providing you with hints, tips, and motivation as well as logging my own training and progress pics for my own benefit.

    I shall be posting my new workout routine tomorrow and explaining what that’s all about so look out for it!

    Until then

    Train Hard, Train Smart


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    Here is a link to a web page that gives comprehensive written and video instruction on what to do and what not to do when deadlifting.

    It also provides you with a multitude of variations of this lift that you may perhaps have never heard of before.

    Suggestions of various supplemental exercises are also demonstrated in order for you to help target the muscles used in a deadlift and get the most out of your body.

    This is suitable for lifters of ALL ABILITIES


    Train Hard, Train Smart

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